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Evolution of a Portrait

Here is a little something to help understand the amount of time and talent that takes place after the button on the camera is pushed. And that is only half the equation. What happens in post production can be nothing short of pure magic. Yes, the before image is quite nice. But I know I can make it so much nicer. So read on if you are interested in the tech aspects. Or simply view the before and after and B&W and enjoy the artistry.

One of the most fundamental priorities in creating the perfect portrait is to draw attention to the face. So look at the before and after image below and I’ll point out several things that took the image from good to ‘oh wow’!

By vignetting, or darkening the outer edges of the image, it immediately makes your attention go to the face. Also, a slight blur or out of focus effect can be seen especially on the top and bottom of the image also sending your eye to the face. Then I jazzed up the color, sharpness and detail since the day was drizzly and quite overcast, greatly muting the colors. A skin enhancement was used to give the face a smooth, flattering look. Eyes were enhanced to bring out the color and to make them a tad sharper.

So each one of these techniques are subtle improvements, but they all come together to make a huge difference in the final image!


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